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This sweet piece of ass Kimmy met up with our boy Boz. I don't think Kimmy had ever seen anything as large as what Boz was hiding in his pants. The first few minutes of her suckin' and tuggin' on Boz's black python, Kimmy thought she would be able to handle it. But once it slid in, she loses control. I've never seen some of the faces this girl makes. It's like a cross between someone getting their foot run over by a truck and an opera singer hitting the highest note she can. Whatever you think it looks like, there is one thing you can tell forsure....Kimmy was not used to the power of the Black Cock!
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Note: This story contains characters from "Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife" and though it is not necessary, that story should be read first to better enjoy this one. "I'm so glad you showed up for class today," said Darlene Duncan as she swallowed the last of Jamal's sperm. "My husband's away again, maybe you and your father can come over tonight?" "Maybe," said Jamal putting his massive cock away after his teacher had kissed it one last time. "How's old Raymond taking the new you anyway?" Raymond had watched his wife turn into a slut before his eyes as the two black men broke her in on his marital bed. "He's hanging on. I think he feels really emasculated after seeing yours and Malcom's giant pricks. "Are you surprised?" Jamal didn't wait for an answer. "I gotta get going. If dad or I ain't busy, we might stop by and give you what you need." ***************** "No fucking way. I don't fucking believe it," said Dan. "She attacked your cock like she was in love with it or something." Dan had watched Mrs Duncan give Jamal a blow job from the door window of her class room. "Told you," growled Jamal. "Once they get the taste of a really big cock, I can turn any woman into a slut." Dan the school's quarterback blushed. Until seeing Jamal in the showers, he had been damn proud of his dick, but the black man seemed twice as big as Dan in every way, dick length, girth, even the black man's biceps and chest measurements put Dan to shame and Dan was a husky guy. If Jamal had been more skilled with a football, he could have been quarterback. Even with a minor position on the team, every member, Dan included, saw Jamal as their leader. Dan was sure that penis envy had something to do with it. Still, Dan was jealous of the hung black man. Jamal had fucked half the cheerleading squad, and he had now witnessed Mrs Duncan, a teacher he idolized and had a crush on, turn into a slut when Jamal walked into her room and pulled his pants down. Dan pulled out the twenty he owed Jamal for losing this bet. "You may have nailed Mrs Duncan, but there's plenty of women you can't fuck." "Wanna bet?" said Jamal with a cocky grin. "You're on, double or nothing, but I get to pick the girl." "Go on." "I pick the girl and you have until the prom to get in her pants, that's just over a month. There has got to be penis-pussy penetration or you lose. "Who'd you have in mind?" "Her," said Dan pointing. Samanatha Reynolds had just rounded the corner. As Jamal turned to look, she tripped over her own feet, she didn't fall, but the huge pile of books in her hands went all over the floor. She kicked one against the lockers as she tried to pick it up. "I'm pretty sure she's a virgin, Dan." "Can't do it huh, big man?" "I can do it little man. It'll just take some work. What say we up the stakes? If I win, I get to fuck Trisha." "I can't bet my girlfriend." "Don't have much confidence in her, do you?" "Sure I do, besides there's no way your going to fuck Sam within a month. What's in it when I win?" "I'll give you a thousand dollars, but when I win you got to leave me alone with Trisha for a couple nights." Trisha had been dating Dan several years. Jamal had fucked her two best friends and he knew she was curious about him. He had been planning to fuck her before the year was out anyway. Dan was still in shock from the thousand dollar offer. He was restoring a hot rod and the money would sure help. "Deal," he said shaking Jamal's hand. Jamal spun around just as Samantha kicked a book at his feet. He bent down and picked it up handing it to her. "Thanks Jamal,"she said looking shyly towards the floor. "How are things Sam?" Samantha was a nerdy girl. She had long raven black hair always pulled back, dark piercing eyes and black glasses perched on her nose. She was one of those weird girls who always dressed in black, which included black nail polish and reddish-black lipstick. She had a nice body, but hid it under bulky pants and sweaters. Back when he was a geek, she had been the only girl who talked to him. He had jerked off thinking about her many a night before becoming enhanced. "Oh how nice, the big popular boy has lowered himself enough to talk to the social outcast." "I've missed you Sam." "I missed you too, that is I missed the real Jamal. Not this testosterone-crazed, muscle bound gorilla you've become." "I'm sorry, I've been an ass. Let me make it up to you, how about a movie tonight?" Samantha turned white as a ghost. Had he just asked her out? She'd never been on a date before. Not that it mattered, she could never date a black guy, Asian Interracial Porn Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Cumbang Site Rip During the next week, I decided to set-up another hot encounter for my wife. I had lots of different scenarios working in the back of my mind, all of which I knew I would able to make come true! But for now I would work with the easiest ones and then progress as I went along. I had to wait for a good weekend to make my plans. Finally after a couple of weeks, Karen told me that this coming Saturday her oldest daughter was going to be sleeping overnight at a friends house, so she decided to send her other daughter to stay overnight at her mother's so we have some intimate time together, alone. She wanted to make up for the last time we were alone Interracial Movie Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Kimmy at Taylor Rain her blouse. The big black cock rose an inch as her huge tits were revealed covered only by a plain white bra. She had gained a lot of weight giving birth to two children, lost most of it, but her breasts remained gigantic. "Now the skirt." Soon the skirt fell to her feet and she stepped out of it along with her white nurse shoes. She wore a plain white garter to hold up her white nylons. Vera made to remove it when he barked, "No, leave the garter but take off the old lady panties." Vera unhooked it enough to take her panties off, revealing her well-trimmed bush. Malcom's cock was at half-mast now, pointing straight at her. She no longer trusted herself around his dick. Her plan had been to jerk him off again and maybe suck on it a little, but with her pussy unprotected and dripping she wouldn't be able to resist it. "Now the bra," he ordered pulling off his shirt. The hook was in the front and her breasts burst forth from the bra as she freed them. They were too big not to sag, but they were smooth, beautiful, and perfectly shaped. Her nipples were as hard as she'd ever seen them stripping before the hung black janitor. Both their eyes were staring at each others chests, his at her breasts, hers at his large muscle covered torso better then any mans she had seen before. She glanced down watching his cock climb upward until it was pointing at an angle towards the ceiling. "What do you want?" he asked. "I want to suck your cock." "Ask me." "May I suck your cock Malcom?" "Yes. Fall to your knees and crawl to me." Vera kneeled and walked on all fours over towards where he stood beside the cot. "You may suck it now." Vera attacked his cock. She went nuts, kissing and licking every square inch of his mighty shaft before taking it in her mouth. She choked on it she was trying to cram so much down her throat. She hadn't done this in years, but with Malcom she found herself enjoying it. She paused gasping for air. "How's my temperature nurse?" "Burning up," she replied. "Say ahhh," he said watching his cock-head disappear between her lips again. Vera loved sucking Malcom's black sausage. She loved feeling it pulse in her mouth, loved having the hard-ridged head slide back and forth against her tonsils. She bobbed her head as rapidly as she could, using her hand to stroke it while she caught her breath. She felt it growing and though she craved his sperm the need in her pussy was greater. She pulled her head back watching his rampant cock fly upwards. "What the fuck are you doing bitch?" he screamed. "Sorry, but I need it inside me." "Put your damn lips back on my cock." "But, I need you to fuck me." Malcom grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forwards. "Shit bitch, I ain't your limp old husband. I'll fuck you after you swallow my cum." Vera didn't believe him. Malcom would lose interest as soon as he came and either want to sleep or want to get out of there as soon as possible. At least this way she got to taste him. It felt like someone had stuck a fire hose in her mouth and turned it on suddenly. The big cock bucked in her throat, pumping wad after wad into her belly. She withdrew all but the head wanting to taste him, surprised that his wads were still large enough to fill her mouth. She used her hands to jerk forwards on his shaft making sure every drop had entered her mouth. "Wow, Vera," said Malcom, "I'm impressed, you didn't spill a drop. No woman has ever done that before." Vera wondered just how many women had sucked on Malcom's dick. The way he talked made it sound like a lot. At least she was special. "I still want to see how much of it I can take in my pussy." "Well get on the cot then. Lie on your back and spread them legs."Malcom was in the mood to fuck her like an animal on all fours, but the cot was to low for a good doggy fuck. Vera climbed onto the bed, staring, mouth-agape at Malcom's cock. It had softened a little, but was still hard enough to fuck her. Malcom just grabbed the tip of his dick and tugged it a couple times. Amazingly it reversed course, hardening again as big and erect as the previous time she had seen it. Malcom wasn't one for foreplay. He just climbed between her legs and probed around her pussy with the head of his cock until it went in. "Jesus," she whined, even the head felt huge. Malcom laid down on her, covering her entire body. Her white nylon clad legs wrapped around his thick waist making it easier for him to enter her. "Oh my god," she moaned. Every nerve in her pussy was coming alive like never before. "Your so big, fuck me Malcom, please fuck me." Vera Interracial Cuckold Creampies Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Black On White he couldn't have the girl on the stage, he'd settle for Darlene Duncan. The hot young teacher didn't know what hit her as she was lifted onto the punch bowl table, Malcom pulling her dress up over her hips. Darlene was cumming from Malcom's big cock before she knew what hit her. Many nearby students watched their favorite teacher getting fucked by the school's black janitor, but most continued to stare at the stage. Jamal pulled Sam's arms back so that her face hit the stage as he continued to pound his incredible cock into her. He yanked her spaghetti straps down her arms exposing her lacy bra. He used her bra strap like reins for awhile, riding her, before unhooking it. Sam's breasts sprang free as she pushed herself back up on all fours. They swung like huge udders under her body. Not only did they look like udders, but they were leaking milk onto the stage floor. She was lactating. Sam was in a world of perpetual orgasmic bliss. She came to her sense as Jamal's pumping began to get more erratic. He was getting close. At that moment, it ceased being about the sex. It was all about the sperm. She wanted his sperm bombarding her womb with seed. She wanted a baby. Thoughts of the baby disappeared as Sam got her wish and millions of sperm exploded into her pussy. Jamal's orgasm triggered her own climatic one and she passed out from the pleasure. She awoke in the throes of another orgasm. Jamal hadn't stopped for a second, he continued pumping her pussy like an animal until he came a second time. Jamal reluctantly withdrew hs cock after the second orgasm. He wasn't finished with her, but he had come to his senses, remembering where he was. He picked up the semi-comatose woman in his arms, the students parting for him as he left the building. Jamal's cock swung, dangling out of his pants as he carried her to the limo. He deposited her in the car and said, "drive." However, the limo driver didn't drive. He stared at Sam, eyes wide, nostrils flaring staring lustily at Sam's prone body until Jamal raised the partition gowling at the driver. ****************** "Dad." "Jamal, where have you been?" screamed Malcom into the phone. "I'm in a motel with Sam." "Why didn't you call?" "I was kind of busy," he said looking at Sam's sleeping sperm covered form. Her cheeks were puffy, her legs were spread wide with sperm caked around her ass hole and pussy. Jamal watched as milk from her left nipple traveled down her body to pool in her belly button. "You've been gone a week." "A week?" The days had been a blur of sex, sleeping, and occassionally eatting from the vending machine. For the first time, Jamal's cock dangled limply, his balls aching as his enhanced metabolism worked overtime to replace the sperm he had ejaculated. "I talked to Hank. The Y-serum test subjects, Carol, Sam, and the others all seemed to go into heat during the final week of enhancement. They give off pheromones we can't resist. Hank thinks they're all pregnant, though it's too soon to tell. "I'm gonna have a baby?" "I'm gona be a granddaddy. There's more, you've been expelled as has Sam. Sam's dad hasn't filed kidnapping charges, I think he's just disowned his daughter. I had to fuck Darlene while you were up on the stage and we've both been fired. Not that it matters to me, but I feel sorry for Darlene. "I feel sorry for Sam too. I guess we can always go to night school to get our GEDs." ******************** "That cock of yours is incredible Jamal. I can't get enough of it." Jamal looked at Trisha, Dan's ex-girlfriend, home from college. He had claimed his prize from the bet with Dan shortly after the prom. Trisha had been receptive the minute he made a pass at her, practically ripping into his pants. She had seen what Jamal's cock could do to a woman having watched Sam climax continously on stage. "None of the men in college measure up to you." "You've only fucked black men I hope?" "Yeah, no more white dick for me, but the ones I've been with haven't been hung like you. I had to fuck ten til I found a seven incher." "Keep trying. I can set you up with some big cock if you get desperate." Jamal's cell phone rang and he answered it. It was the call he'd been waiting for. He ditched Trisha raced to the hospital where he met his father. "Sam's having contractions," said Malcom. "Already?" "The baby wants out." Later, a pretty female nurse walked out into the waiting room. "Jamal Washington, you have a son." The nurse's eyes settled on Jamal's crotch where the outline of his cock was clearly visible. "The boy favors his father." The End