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> Note: This story takes place during Solomon's wandering years. Prologue: Solomon King looked across the creek at the remains of the shack he had grown up in. He was surprised it was still standing, though it was more of a lean-to now then house. Progress hadn't come to this part of Mississippi. It looked exactly as it did back in the fifties, dirt roads, trash and all. What had possessed him to come back here? His mother was long dead, his father's identity unknown, brothers and sisters scattered to the winds. There were no good memories from his childhood except the joy he felt swimming in the creek. From here he had gone to live with an abusive Aunt until he turned old enough to join the Navy. Solomon had been wandering around listless now for several months. He didn't know if the Gigamesh Project was chasing him since he had escaped and burnt down their facility. This aimless apathy wasn't like him. He was a natural born leader, a planner, a strategist. He needed a goal in life, a purpose, but what? He heard a truck coming along down the dirt road and turned sticking his thumb out. It was a beat up, old, pick-up and Solomon could see three men filling the front seat. The truck stopped beside him and one man leaned out, "You need a ride there darkie?" Solomon frowned, "Yeah, can I hop in back?" The three men were rednecks, shaggy hair, unshaven, mustaches, etc. "Youse is one big negro buck. Be worth a lot if the 'federacy had won." Solomon stepped closer to the pick-up with every intention of yanking the arrogant hick out of the truck and kicking his ass. He reached in his fist gathering up the man's shirt and realizing that it was a white robe. They were all wearing white robes. Hoods were in their laps. "Pa, he's touching me. Get them filthy hands of your better boy." An older man was driving. He threw open his door and climbed out. "Get your hands off my boy...boy," said the older man. He appeared in his late forties, had a big beer gut and sideburns covering large jowls. He spit tobacco on the ground and glared at Solomon. "What the fuck are you rednecks gonna do about it?" "I don't care how big you are boy, you can't take us all on." The fat old man was grinning like an idiot. "I don't know Pa," said the younger one staring at Solomon's meaty fist still bunching up his robe. "Look at his eyes, he looks like he's into it." "Shuddup Jimbo. Joe Joe, why don't you make this negra buck show us betters some respect." Joe Bick Black Cock Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Blacks On Blondes Archive It was about 2p.m. on a Wednesday when Carrie's boyfriend called and suprised her by letting her know that he wanted to take her to dinner that evening. Needless to say, she was happy, because things hadn't been going very well in their relationship lately and she felt that he didn't act interested in her for the past couple of months. She asked her boss if she could leave work early that day, and without explanation, she was allowed to. Carrie wanted to buy a new outfit for the evening, so she drove to the mall and went to her favorite store to pick out an outfit. Being that she mostly wore mini-skirts or pants with button down blouses, which was not the way an English girl with a royal bloodline Big Black Dick Picture Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Kimmy at Huge Cock slammed his cock in. A mixture of pleasure and pain shot out from Rosie's crotch. She had never felt anything like it. The man's prick must be a foot long. Her pussy was juicing up quickly to accomodate it. She hadn't been this wet in twenty years. "That feels so good. What's your name?" "Call me King." Solomon startled her when he grabbed her nightgown and ripped down exposing her breasts while Rosie was writhing in pleasure impaled on his cock. He kept going until her entire nightgown was open displaying a surprisingly nice body for such a mature woman. "How appropriate a name. You're a manly man, aren't you King?" "I'm the first real man you ever been with." He was lying down as he said this, her legs wrapping around his waist. He mashed his lips against hers as he began thrusting his hips. "Oh my god, oh my god," she screamed breaking lip contact to gasp for air. "Fuck me my King. Fuck me with that huge prick." Solomon had found his rhythym. He was bucking his hips rapidly now fucking her with his entire cock. The force of his thrusts pushed her down into the bed, the springs bringing her back up into his rampant cock. He was grunting as he fucked her hard, hands squeezing the sides of her head, and kissing her occassionally. She seemed to cum every five strokes or so. "Let me see you. Please, I need to see your face. It's never been this good before." she begged. Solomon was getting close. His cock was swollen as his orgasm approached. It had been several days since he had cum last, which ment it would be a lot. He waited till his cock was just about to explode before grunting, "Then see me," as he flicked her mask off with his thumbs. Rosie waited with awe to see this incredible lover, her look turning to horror when she saw his black face. "Nooo, not a ni...aaahhhh myyy goddd." The black man's prick exploded in her pussy triggering the biggest orgasm of her life. Her body betrayed her. Her pussy squeezed his cock milking it for every last drop of what felt like a gallon of sperm. Waves of pleasure were radiating out from her crotch. It wasn't just one big orgasm, it was one long continuous orgasm. Rosie's eyes rolled up in her head as she fainted from the pleasure. Solomon withdrew figuring it was a good chance to get out of there. He would of liked to of broken in her ass and mouth to black cock, but there were two more sluts he wanted to meet tonight. He grabbed the camera and left. Rosie watched him leave Interrcial Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Stacie Lane Cumbang the video, but it didn't last two months when Jane announced she was pregnant and keeping the baby no matter what. He knew it wasn't his and threw her out. Jimbo never remarried, never fucked another woman, and found himself watching the video of the black man and Jane at least once a week. At first it was to remind him why he hated blacks and his wife so much, but as time passed it started making him horny to watch it and he began watching other interracial videos until some KKK buddies caught him in the video store and beat the crap out of him. Jane became the town slut, traveling the black section of town looking for the handsome black man who knew how to fuck so good. It became known that she would fuck any and all black men who asked. She fucked two at once, three at once, five teenagers in an alley, but none had a dick the size of the man who had hooked her on his foot long dong. Having the reputation of a slut, got her treated like a slut by all her lovers and she loved every minute of it, if deep down she knew she'd never be truly satisfied again. After her chocolate colored baby arrived, she moved to a bigger city in search of fresh meat. James tried to keep his family together. He didn't divorce his wife. She hadn't known who had snuck into her room after all and he hadn't received a video to remind him of it. He didn't even tell his wife it was a black man at first, just a thief. And deep down, he suspected his wife had enjoyed getting fucked by a stranger. Judy became withdrawn for awhile until it became evident that she was pregnant. James forced her to marry her boyfriend in a quickie ceremony never thinking that the black man had gotten to his sweet young daughter. The young couple tried a lot, but Dan never lived up to his initial performance and nine months to the day she lost her virginity, she found out why. Her dad disowned her when he saw his black grandson and Dan walked out on her. Judy's hot young body never recovered from the stress and the pregnancy. She plumped up quickly starting on the long road towards looking like her mother. She stayed with her brother Jimbo for a time where he broke down and told her who the father was and showed her images on the tape with his wife. Judy left Mississippi with the image of her baby's father forever frozen in her mind, vowing some day to find him, marry him, and carry more of his babies. As for Solomon, he was just getting started with his adventures. The End