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This sweet piece of ass Kimmy met up with our boy Boz. I don't think Kimmy had ever seen anything as large as what Boz was hiding in his pants. The first few minutes of her suckin' and tuggin' on Boz's black python, Kimmy thought she would be able to handle it. But once it slid in, she loses control. I've never seen some of the faces this girl makes. It's like a cross between someone getting their foot run over by a truck and an opera singer hitting the highest note she can. Whatever you think it looks like, there is one thing you can tell forsure....Kimmy was not used to the power of the Black Cock!
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I had gotten caught in a white-collar fraud scheme, and had been sentenced to 5 years in the state pen. I was a 45 year old white business type, had some money, and a hot 25 year old wife, Sherry, who liked me mostly for the bucks, although she loved fucking. She came from a broken home and had no relatives or family, having been raised in foster care, with the usual early introduction to sex by a foster daddy. She was tall, about 5Õ10", and had long blonde hair, green eyes and long shapely legs. Her tits were big Ð 40C cups, with dark, well defined aureoles and big, sensitive nipples about the Cuckold Photos Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Alexis Golden Blacks On Blondes "Come on Ray, we're going to the beach," said Jenni knocking on his door. "Cumming," grunted Ray just as a huge wad of semen flew up three feet from the end of his cock. The large strand of cum was close to five inches long. It did a somersault before colliding with his equally large second wad. The two wads fell with a splat on Ray's chest, soon followed by several more. Even when his cock quit shooting, sperm flowed down his shaft like lava flowing out of a volcano. He cleaned the cum off and flushed the tissues down the toilet. He put his suit on and walked downstairs. Jenni was wearing sweat pants and a sexy, but modest bikini top. The pants hugged her hips perfectly showing off her belly and thin waist. She was packing lotion and other stuff into a big bag. "You look well rested for a woman who had wild sex all night," he said. "Actually we went right to sleep," she said without looking at the black man. "Shame, you'd think with only three weeks of leave, you'd try to get as much in as possible." "You'd think that wouldn't ya," she replied looking both pissed and hurt as she finally turned to the black man and did a double take blatantly staring at his crotch for an uncomfortable moment. "You're wearing that?" "Sure, it's my suit." Ray was wearing tight panty style swimwear, like the kind swimmers or weightlifters wear. They were white and really drew attention to his crotch standing out against his black skin. His cock seemed to big for the suit, looking wadded up inside the material like he had stuffed a potato inside it. Make that three potatoes, his balls were equally as visible under the material. Don't you want to wear a shirt or pants, it's an hour drive to Ocean City and we may have to walk a block to the beach." "The sun already burned my people and there aint nothing on this body I aint proud of. I'd be doing a diservice to the ladies not to show them my goods. Bodies like mine shouldn't be covered up." Jenni was inclined to agree. At that moment Mike walked downstairs wearing a hat, baggy shirt, and loose swim trunks. He was very pale from being on the sub so long, he was sure to get burned today. "You guys ready?" **************** Jenni was still horny. She was mostly silent the drive to the beach. Last night had been upsetting to say the least. She had practically attacked Mike the moment they got to the bedroom and he had been completely disinterested. She pulled down his pants surprised at how small his penis looked. She had seen it that small once after he had gone swimming in a cold pool. He had explained the concept of shrinkage to her, but it had never been that small prior to sex. Mike had turned out the light from embarrassment and Jenni did everything she could to get him hard from sucking on it to tugging on it rapidly. Mike's normally proud six inch dick easily disappeared in her small cupped palm. Jenni had ended up masturbating and having a small unsatisfying orgasm as he slept beside her. His dick was no harder in the morning. It didn't help that a giant black cock was riding in the seat behind her, Huge Cocks Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Kimmy at Teens Interracial She was told she was going to be broken and trained, and used as a street whore. If she did well, she would live. If she did not, she would be exported to Africa and sold as a salve there to disappear into the hellholes of the Middle East, or she would be killed and her body fed to dogs. She had been trained for two months, while some black gangsta chicks had moved into my house. Since Sherry didnÕt work, had no family and few friends since my conviction, no one missed her. While Sherry was being trained, she was kept naked and chained to a pole in the basement of the club by a chain Forced Interracial Gangbang Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Multiracial Dating be taken from the room, while she remains and entertains her owners with a good gangfuck and thanks them for training her as a good white slut black cock slave whore. Following that, she will be turned out onto the streets, to sell her slave white ass in the ghetto, serving all black cock presented to her and giving all her profits to her owners, who also own me. 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