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Valerie checked herself in the mirror. She looked great. The black, silk, spaghetti strap dress she had picked up from her designer today looked great against her creamy white skin and blonde hair. The designer had done as she asked and made the dress to accentuate her great figure. It should be great. She'd spent enough money to make it that way. Her 46DD breasts, face lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction were done by the best plastic surgeon in the country. She new she looked more like 28 than 40. None of it seemed to impress her husband though. She'd married Jack Smith for the money 10 years ago. He was old New York money and ten years ago at age55 he had still been sexually active, and had dazzled this 30-year- old from the Midwest. Three years ago they had started having problems. He had lost interest in sex and was busy all the time. Plus he had started to snore so bad they now slept in separate bedrooms. Sexually she was going out of her mind. Kimi Young had invited them to this gallery showing two months ago and she'd made Jack put it on his calendar, then gotten this dress, and gotten her hair and nails done thinking she could seduce him. The artist, Aja, was well known for her erotic work. Plus the Smith's were patrons of the arts in New York, and needed to make these types of appearances. True to form, Jack had called at the last minute and said he couldn't make it and he was going to have to work late. To make matters worse, their old chauffeur had retired 4 weeks ago and jack had not found the time to replace him, so she would have to drive herself. How humiliating. But she was determined to go. She needed to get out. She looked at herself again in the mirror. The dress was a killer. It hit about three-quarter of the way up her thigh, showing off her great long legs, and showed a very ample cleavage. At least she'd turn a few heads she thought to herself as she picked up her purse and headed out the door. She found parking right around the corner on the fourth floor, and walked to the gallery. The minute she walked in the door, heads turned. I hope I hope I didn't dress too sexy she thought apprehensively. Just then Kimi came up to her and took her hands, Boy you look great she said, and Valerie felt better. She liked Kimi. She was a beautiful tall oriental girl and they had hit it of the first time they had met. Where's Jack she asked, Working Valerie said as the anger and frustration welled inside her. Never mind Kimi said it's a great party and Aja's work never fails to draw a crowd. She took Valerie's hand and made for the bar where she got two glasses of champagne as she handed one to Valerie, Kimi said, look at this crowd. It's great. Come on let me introduce you to the artist. She led Valerie to the far side of the gallery. As she walked she took in the artwork. It was definitely erotic, with men and women in all kinds of different sexual situations. As they got near the group on the far side, Valerie noticed a beautiful tall black woman. She was at least 5'10'' tall and an athletic thin body with long graceful legs, and the perkiest ass she'd ever seen on a woman. She had on a black leather mini skirt and a light black gauze top. She had the whole group's attention. Kimi touched the woman's arm, and as she turned around Valerie was shocked to see that the woman had on no bra and her breasts were clearly visible through the top. Aja, this is Valerie the good friend I was telling you about. Valerie, this is Aja, Aja this is Valerie. I'm pleased Aja said as they shook hands. Valerie couldn't help but stare at the woman's perfect full breasts as she replied. This woman exuded sex. OOPS, I have to greet some people, Kimi said. I'll leave you here. With that she bounded away, and Valerie was drawn into the group. She could see Aja staring at her when they were talking to other people, and it made her feel nervous, yet warm inside. She broke off after a little while and walked around looking at Aja's work. There was one piece she saw set off in an alcove she was really drawn to. It showed a black and a white woman in each other's embrace. It was titled Together. She stared for a long time until she was startled by an arm going around her shoulder. It's my favorite Aja said as Valerie felt Aja's breast through the fabric on her bare arm. I'm glad you like it. Someone called to Aja, and she gently squeezed Valerie and said I'll tell you about it later. Valerie's heart was racing. The woman's breast had felt so good against her arm. Soft a yet firm. She was flustered and went for another drink. An hour went by and the people thinned out, and Valerie felt a light buzz from the champagne. She went back over to look at that painting again. As she felt herself being absorbed by the painting, she felt a hand on her shoulder again. It's actually part of a set of three pieces, Aja said, but I thought the other two might be a little to provocative to bring. Valerie found herself saying she'd love to see them, without even thinking about what she was saying. Aja's eyes took her in as she replied my studio is right around the corner if you'd like to, I leaving now anyway. I'd love to Valerie said as if in a trance. They got their bags and left. CHAPTER TWO They walked hand in hand talking to Aja's. When she opened the door, Aja said, do you want something to drink. No replied Valerie I'm already a little giddy. There are the other two paintings Aja said as she pointed to the far wall. They both had the same two women as the one in the gallery. On e had the women kissing fully, and in the other they were performing oral sex in a 69 position. They were powerful paintings and Valerie couldn't help but feel aroused. She just stared. She felt hands on her shoulders and a shiver of excitement bolted through her body. Do you like them Aja said softly? Yes Valerie replied in a husky voice. Good because I was dreaming of someone just like you when I painted them Aja purred softly in Valerie's ear, then kissed her gently on the neck. Valerie melted and let out a low moan and leaned her head back. Aja continued to kiss Valerie's neck and side of her face as she moved up against her and reached around Valerie and cupped her breasts in her hands. You are beautiful she said. I have to see you, and she gently pulled the straps down Valerie's shoulders and moved her dress down her body. She gently turned her around and drank her in with her eyes. Valerie was moaning still and Aja pulled her to her, put her arms around her and kissed her deeply. Valerie's arms went up around Aja's neck as she eagerly returned the kiss. Valerie's mind raced with all kinds of thoughts but her lust drove her. She wanted this woman to want her. She could feel her bare breasts pressing into Aja's and it felt like nothing she'd ever felt before. Aja lead her into the bedroom stepping out of her mini skirt as she walked and pulling her blouse over her head. She got to the edge of the bed sat down and pulled Valerie forward between her legs. She took Valerie's breast in her mouth and Valerie cupped her hands around her head pulling Aja into her breasts. God you're beautiful Valerie whispered. Aja looked up with her big eyes and said softly, I've been waiting to find you. Valerie was overcome with emotion and bent down and kissed her fully on the mouth. Their tongues intertwined as they fell back on the bed. It was a deep soulful, loving kiss. They were running their hands all over each others body's trying to feel all of each other all at once. Aja gently rolled Valerie over on her back, and started to kiss her body, slowly working down to each breast, as Valerie leaned back and whimpered. She slowly worked her way down to Valerie's pussy, and when her lips touched her pussy lips Valerie came. Oh God she moaned as she felt Aja's tongue enter her pussy and touch her clit. She exploded again. Don't stop she begged as she moaned and bucked against Aja's face. She didn't have to worry. Aja had no intention of stopping. She wanted to please this woman like she'd never been pleased before. Valerie had struck a cord in her when they were first introduced. Something she'd never felt before. She wanted this woman as her lover. Valerie's orgasms were coming one after another. Asexual energy was moving into her body she'd never felt before. I have to taste you she said in a throaty voice. Aja moved around and put her pussy over Valerie's face. Valerie dove into the woman's body., kissing her legs, kissing her beautiful ass then diving into that beautiful pussy for all she was worth. The attack took Aja's breath away. She was cumming quicker than she had ever cum in her life. Both women became totally absorbed in each other's body. Valerie loved the taste of Aja's cunt and drank the pussy juice greedily as it poured out of her. Aja was feeling a raw animal energy. She inserted her thin long finger in Valerie's cunt and sucked on and flicked her clit. Oh yes Valerie wailed, Fuck Me. Aja put more fingers in. Valerie was so wet and bucking against Aja's hand as she tried to eat Aja between moans. Aja now had all four fingers in her, pumping them in to her in long strokes. Valerie was exploding. Cum was gushing out of her pussy. She felt like a wild animal. More she growled. Aja folded her thumb into palm and slowly started to push her entire hand into Valerie's hot tight pussy. Valerie felt a combination of pain and pleasure as the hand slowly was sucked Mandingo Group Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Cuckold Black Jim walked over to Porsche and put his hand under her ass, cupping her pussy from behind. Her silk thongs were sopping wet, just as Jim had thought they would be. She was fully excited and not ready for a break. Feeling Jim's hand on her pussy, she moaned loudly and told Jim she wanted to be fucked. Jim took her thongs down over her hips and ass, pulling them off and told Porsche to bend over the arm of the chair Keith was sitting in. As Keith watched and stroked her hair, Jim entered her with one Blacks On Cougars Pics Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Kimmy at Black Dick And Pussy take your ass cherry, Ruby hissed. No pleaded Valerie. I can't take that she whimpered. Ruby ignored her and roughly pushed the head into Valerie's ass hole. Valerie had never felt such pain She started screaming and crying. This can't be happening she thought. I'm going to die. The pain grew as the dildo was forced further up her ass. Ruby pulled out and took the lotion bottle, stuck it in Valerie's ass and squeezed. Oil shot into Valerie's bowls. She then reapplied lotion to he cock and stuck it back in Valerie's ass hole. She started to push harder and the dildo started to move further into Valerie's ass . Ruby smacked Valerie on the ass hard, making Valerie jump and accidentally take the dildo deep into her bowls. Relax Ruby hissed and started rubbing Valerie's clit between her thumb and forefinger. The pain started to give way to pleasure as Ruby started stroking the Monster in and out of her ass hole. Valerie started to buck. What are you doing to me she murmured as she tossed her head back and forth. I'm making you mine Ruby purred. Valerie's eyes looked out the window and she got hotter thinking of someone watching this depraved scene. She could see the huge dildo going into her ass in the reflection in the glass, and she started to grunt. Her ass muscles gripped the huge dildo as she started to cum, Just then Ruby drove four fingers into Valerie's pussy. Valerie thought she'd been torn apart. Yet she exploded in an orgasm that was beyond anything she'd ever felt. This can't be happening she thought, I love this. She was racked. Ruby pulled out of her slowly as she continued to cum . Ruby stepped out of the dildo and walked around to Valerie's side as Valerie whimpered and thrashed on the table. She lifted a huge breast to Valerie's mouth. Valerie greedily sucked in the nipple and sucked like a depraved animal on the huge breast. That's it slut , suck momma ,Ruby hissed. Milk started to flow instantly into Valerie's mouth. Ruby grabbed her other tit and started to squeeze it . Milk squirted on to Valerie's breasts and body. Ruby continued to squeeze. She covered Valerie with breast milk as Valerie went crazy sucking her breast. This was the best one she'd ever found, Ruby thought to herself. This was the one she'd been looking for. Momma loves her little slut Ruby cooed. Did you know that she cooed again to Valerie. Valerie looked up with love and lust in her eyes and blurted God I love you. I want you to use me. I want to make you happy. I never want to lose you Mistress Valerie moaned. Don't worry. We'll be together a long time Ruby cooed to her slave. Ruby pulled away and released Valerie's hands from there restraints. She walked over and picked up a tubular glass cylinder with a candle in it. She lit the candle and walked back to Valerie. She came back to her side and lifted her breast back to Valerie's mouth. She took Valerie's hands and rapped them around her mammoth breast. Make momma's breasts feel good baby, She cooed to Valerie. Valerie sucked as her hands tried to encircle the huge breast. Her desire was overwhelming her now. Ruby rubbed the milk into Valerie's body. She took the candle and tilted it six inches above Valerie's breast. Valerie watched as the hot wax ran out of the container as if in slow motion. Milk was running into her mouth as the first stream of wax hit her nipple. A jolt of pain and pleasure ran through her. She grunted and sucked the breast harder as she felt a strange climax building in her. Ruby poured wax on to her other nipple and Valerie grabbed Ruby's other tit and started sucking and kneading it with her hands. Yes she moaned through clenched teeth. I want more. What do you say? Ruby asked. I want more Mistress, Pleas-s-s-e-e she begged as Ruby poured more on both nipples. Valerie's strained with pleasure and pain as they got rock hard. Oh God she moaned as she tried to suck on Ruby's breast and control her body. Ruby deftly moved down and poured hot wax on Valerie's clit . Valerie was hit with instant intense pleasure brought on by the pain. She grunted like a depraved animal. It was like she was outside her body. Ruby poured a large stream of hot wax that hit her entire exposed pussy. She came so hard the cum squirted like pee out of her pussy. She screamed. Oh my, baby's there now Ruby cooed, and poured more wax out on her legs , breasts and pussy. Valerie was thrashing , holding on to Ruby's breast, and cum continued to squirt like a fountain out of her raw pussy. CHAPTER NINE Ruby put the candle down and cradled Valerie's face in her hand as Valerie shook through the spasms of the massive orgasm. That's it Ruby hissed lustily. Give your cum to your mamma. Valerie was still panting as she finished. Her head was swimming as Ruby unlocked her feet and brought her legs down gently. Do you feel good baby? Ruby said in a loving voice. God I've never , ever felt like this she said still in a daze. Do you want to help mamma cum ? Ruby cooed. Yes Valerie whimpered, as she felt herself get wet again at the thought of making this magnificent woman cum. Ruby went back to the table and came back with oil and what looked like a strap on dildo. Can you stand up Ruby asked. I think so, Valerie said as she stood on still wobbly legs. Ruby lead her to the huge circular bed at the far corner next to the window. She sat down an pulled Valerie up to her. She rubbed the cool oil over Valerie's body, removing the wax as she went. Valerie held on to Ruby's shoulders as she felt relief and love flood through her. When she had finished she said, lift your leg, to Valerie and did so with out thinking. She just wanted to obey. Valerie felt Ruby pull the strap on dildo up her body and she looked down through lust glazed eyes. Baby 's in a different world, aren't you, cooed Ruby to her conquest. Yes purred Valerie. The strap on had a dildo on the inside that Ruby inserted into Valerie's pussy as she worked the device on to Valerie's hips. Ruby synched the device tightly as she could around Valerie's waist. The dildo sticking out from Valerie's body was huge. Valerie was getting turned on as she looked at her image in the mirror and then in the open window reflection, hoping some one was watching. Now come make love to Mamma Ruby said as she rubbed oil on the dildo and laid back on the bed Valerie was blind with lust as she got on the bed and guided the huge dildo into her Mistress. She was going to fuck Ruby long and hard she thought to herself. Ruby groaned and Valerie reached up and tried to cup Ruby's mammoth breasts. She started pumping into Ruby. Ruby moaned. Her head thrashed as Valerie bent down and sucked on one tit. Valerie started fucking hard. Ruby cried out, Yes! Fuck Me Baby! Valerie could feel the dildo on the inside, in her cunt, fucking herself as she fucked Ruby. Oh God I Love You Mistress Valerie hissed out between clinched teeth. I love you too Baby Ruby moaned as she rocked back bringing Valerie up in the air and down to Ruby's waiting mouth . They embraced passionately as they found each others mouth in a deep wet French kiss. Their tongues thrashed around in their mouths trying to go as deep in each others throats as possible. Valerie was pumping furiously into Ruby's pussy. They both came at the same time, moaning in each others mouths as they were swept through the orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, they hugged each other and Ruby kissed all around Valerie's Face. Are you ready to give your self completely she Whispered. Yes! Valerie exclaimed. Totally without question. Yes Valerie cooed. Anything Ruby asked. Anything Valerie said. One final test then Ruby said as she looked deeply into Valerie's eyes. Get up she said as she pushed up off the bed. They walked to the large bath tub. I'm going to give you the ultimate gift, Ruby cooed as she positioned Valerie in the tub. She stood with her feet on each side of the tub and moved up till she was directly over Valerie. Do you want your gift from your Mistress Ruby hissed lustily as she pulled her pussy lips apart. Yes Valerie hissed back. Open your mouth slut, Ruby commanded. Valerie leaned back and opened her mouth , knowing what was coming now and wanting it. Ruby's piss shot out hitting Valerie in the face as Valerie tried to get the stream in her mouth. Ruby moved, showering Valerie's body with piss, then directed the stream directly into Valerie's waiting mouth. Drink momma's beautiful piss slave, Ruby hissed. Show you're committed. And Valerie drank with abandon. She wanted it . She wanted to show this woman she was hers for the taking. As the stream diminished , Ruby moaned , eat me baby. Valerie quickly came up and started eating Ruby's cunt. Ruby started to cum. Valerie could taste the cum mixing with the pee. She started to cum also, as she ate her mistress. It seemed to go on forever, until Ruby pulled away shaking. Enough she said. Did baby like momma's gift she asked? Yes Valerie said looking up into her eyes like a puppy. I'd do anything for you Valerie purred. I know you would Ruby cooed down at her. Ruby grabbed the spray handle on the tub and turned the water on semi-hot. She sprayed Valerie for a while Biracial Relationship Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Riding Big Black Dick Valerie turned and they kissed deeply. Valerie was still hot. She wanted more. Kathy pulled out and Valerie took off the strap-on off her, and pulled out the plug out of her ass and stuck it back in her own ass. They kissed in a deep French kiss. You're so hot, Valerie cooed as she licked her ears and neck and kissed her again. God, I've never been so turned on Kathy moaned. I've got to pee she said. The thought excited Valerie. Come, Valerie said as she grabbed her hand, let's go to your bathroom. Kathy led the way. Valerie got on her knees in the tub. Stand on the side, spread your pussy and pee on me baby, Valerie purred. Kathy stood on the side of the tub and Valerie moved up with her open mouth right below her. Kathy's pee shot out. The initial steam hit Valerie in the chest. Oh God Valerie, Kathy moaned. Valerie quickly moved to take it in her mouth. She started drinking. God, Kathy exclaimed wide eyed as she watched this beautiful woman drink her pee. It excited her. Valerie let her warm pee wash her face and breasts, then drank more. Kathy was getting very excited. As her piss subsided, and started to drip, Valerie went up and took her pussy in her mouth and started eating her. Kathy came immediately. Feels so good, Kathy mumbled as Valerie licked her cum and piss from her pussy. Kathy dropped to her knees and kissed Valerie deeply. She then started licking her pee off Valerie's face, neck, and breasts. Oh yea baby, Valerie moaned. Will you pee on me Mistress, Kathy whimpered. Valerie stood, not believing how easily Kathy had fallen into her grasp. Are you ready to commit to me baby, Valerie asked as she stood and spread her pussy. Yes mistress, Kathy said panting. You'll do anything. Anything, Kathy whimpered. Including serving my Mistress and me. You have a mistress Kathy whimpered in a startled tone. A glorious Mistress, Valerie said. I'm totally committed to serving her. You would serve both of us, and anyone else we asked you to. Yes mistress, Kathy panted with her tongue out and opening her mouth. I love you baby, Valerie cooed as she shot her piss down Kathy's throat and on her face. Kathy gagged as she started to swallow, then moved closer as she started drinking enthusiastically. Yes baby, drink your Mistresses golden nectar, show me your love. Kathy moaned through her open mouth. I'm going to start spreading your pussy and ass hole. You'll love it, Valerie cooed as her pee ran into Kathy's waiting mouth. As her pee stopped, Valerie turned around. She took out he butt plug. Lick it while I show you how open my ass is, she hissed. She took her hands and spread her cheeks and relaxed her muscles. She could feel her ass hole opening wide. Kathy gasped, My God, I could get my hand in there she whispered. Eat me, Valerie moaned. Make my ass feel good baby. Kathy dropped the plug numbly and moved as if in a trance, up to Valerie and stuck her tongue in. Deep Valerie moaned. Tongue fuck my ass, lover. Kathy put her hands up on her ass and drove her tongue deep, licking everywhere. I can't stand it Valerie hollered. Am I doing something wrong Mistress, Kathy whimpered. No baby, Valerie cooed as she turned and lifted her up. Your doing everything so right. She kissed her deeply, then licked her face and neck, tasting her own pee. I want you so bad, Valerie purred as she led her back to the living room. Valerie laid on the floor. Get the oil, she commanded. Now rub it all over those beautiful long fingers of yours. I want you to fist my pussy and ass at the same time. Valerie grabbed pillows off the coach and propped her ass up in the air, Do it baby, fold your hands like this and push them in me. Valerie threw her legs back towards her head, and grabber them with her arms. Kathy moved up between her legs and put the tips of her fingers at the two open holes. You're so wide open she purred. It's beautiful. She shoved and both hands started sinking in. She worked them back and forth in unison. They crept deeper and deeper. Squirt oil in me, Valerie hissed. Kathy took her hands out and pushed the oil bottle in to both holes and squirted oil into her, then all over her hands again. Now fuck me baby, Valerie groaned. Kathy shoved both hands in. They went in up to the knuckles. Shove you bitch, Valerie screamed. Kathy was so excited she drew back then shoved up to her knuckles easily and pushed hard. Both hands popped in up to her wrist. Valerie was panting. Shove deeper she gasped. Kathy slowly pushed deeper. Now fuck me Valerie moaned. Kathy started stroking in and out. Her hands went deeper till she could feel the back of Valerie's pussy. Oh God I love you Valerie moaned. Kathy started fucking her harder. She could feel her hands rubbing each other through the thin membrane separating Valerie's cunt and ass. Kathy knew she was in love. She loved this decadent sex, and this incredible woman. You're so beautiful Kathy blurted out, and started to cry. Let it out baby, Valerie cooed as she started to cry also. Then Valerie started to scream. She was cumming in a wonderful burst of joy. Fuck me my love she screamed. Kathy fucked her hard with both hands, crying as she did so. Valerie shook all over, cum gushing around Kathy's hand. Her bladder let go again at the same time and pee shot out. Kathy cried out as she tried to lower her mouth to catch it. Stop, Valerie cried out. I'm to sensitive. Sobbing Kathy slowly and gently pulled her hands out. She looked at Valerie. Her pussy and ass hole were wide open. Clean me Valerie moaned. Kathy leaned forward and used her tongue to lick deep into Valerie's pussy, sucking and licking up all she could. She then went down to her as and licked deep into Valerie's ass. Valerie shook. God your making me cum again. Help me up Valerie whimpered. Kathy pulled her up and they embraced. Valerie took her hands and started licking them clean. Kathy licked with her. I can't believe I found you she sighed. Me either, Kathy purred. I never knew anything could be like this. They kissed deeply for a long time. They stayed in each others arms for a long time, kissing and licking and laughing. They licked the tears from each others eyes, and cooed I love you's to each other over and over. Valerie felt her holes. God she said. She got up and went to the mirror and bent over and looked. Her holes opened wide as she relaxed. That's so sexy, Kathy purred. Valerie looked at her and went back to embrace her. Valerie started telling her about Ruby and Jerome, and what Ruby's instructions to her were. I want to take you with me tomorrow to meet her Valerie said as she kissed her gently on the lips. Oh Valerie, Kathy whimpered, thank you. I want you to be with us, Valerie purred. They kissed again, slowly lowering to the floor in each others arms. Would you like Jerome to fuck you she whispered in Kathy's ear. Yes, please Mistress, Kathy moaned as she held Valerie tight. His cock is wonderful, Valerie whispered. I know he wants you. He does, Kathy asked. You bet. Your a beautiful sexy woman. Any real man would want you. From now on though, all we can fuck is black men with big dicks, and that's just to prepare us for our Mistress. I'm nervous, Kathy whimpered. Don't be baby, I'll be with you always now. They melted into a sensual kiss, and made soft love to each other for hours, cumming over and over again. The day slipped away. Why don't you come home with me, Valerie purred. Bring some clothes and we can go straight to the doctors tomorrow from my house. I want you to feel Jerome's cock in you tonight too, she cooed. I'd love to, Kathy purred as they kissed again. They arrived around 4:00, and Jerome wasn't back yet. They giggled as they ran upstairs to get ready. They stripped down to get dressed. I love you Valerie purred as she kissed Kathy deeply. She helped Kathy put on the sexy black stockings, garter, and lace bra they'd picked out before they had left Kathy's. Valerie then dressed in the sexy latex outfit she'd worn to Kathy's. Valerie then showed Kathy how to put on her make-up to look like a whore. When she was done Kathy whistled. You look hot. Your turn Valerie purred. Valerie slipped into her platform heels and took out the chain and collar. Kathy finished and turned around. Valerie was stunned. This girl had transformed herself into a hot sultry slut. Come here you, Valerie purred. She attached the collar and chain. They went and looked in the mirror together. God, Kathy exclaimed, we look fabulous. We sure do Valerie said in a husky voice. She turned and looked deep into Kathy's eyes. I love you she whispered. I Love you too Kathy said as she blushed, like I never knew I could love some one. You're sure you want to commit to this life with me, Valerie asked? Yes Kathy purred, I want it. I want to be with you and I want to do everything you want me to do. They stared starry eyed at each other. He better get home soon or I'm going to have to start without him, Valerie said in a husky voice. She stuck her tongue out and Kathy stuck hers out. The tips of their tongues fought in a sexy dance as they both moaned as they embraced. Just then the car pulled up. Hurry we have to be waiting in the hall, Valerie exclaimed as they went out and down the stairs. Valerie's heart was racing. Life would never be the same now. 1 29