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It was decided that we would all go upstairs. I was the only one still captive. They set about freeing me. As soon as my hands were loose I put them under me and madly began frigging my slit. They laughed. I made quite a spectacle, my ankles still bound to the legs of the bench, but with my freed hands shoved under my belly and diddling in my cunt. Even though my bottom burned, and I wanted to rub it, I was even more desirous to cum. Helene grabbed my arms and pulled my hands out from under me. "Naughty girl," Helene told me. "I should have spanked you more." I struggled to break free of her grip but she was strong, despite the frailness of her body. She put my hands up high behind me, on my back. Johnnie, despite the egg up his ass and the burning caused by the Natural Ice on his penis, assisted her. My hands were cuffed together. Then I felt my chin lifted, Johnnie did it, and Helene wrapped a dog collar around my throat. She made it tight. Then she attached a short cord to the back of it and ran it down to my wrists. I was forced to lie over the pillows, my legs still bound to the bench, my arms up high and snug behind me, held in place by the cord running from my collar down to my hands. I arched my bottom and wiggled my ass. I tried to break free. I could not. As I realized my predicament, my bottomcheeks huddled together. "Gentlemen, allow me to show you the method by which you, Raul, will enemize Johnnie," Helene grinned. There was mischief in her eyes. I was craning my neck back to look at her when I felt Johnnie's big hands descend down onto my head. Even as Helene tormented him with evil designs, he was still obedient to her, even anticipating her desires. Helene went to the the shelf that ran along the wall. She rummaged Interracial Porn Galleries Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Jaylynn Sinz Blacks On Blondes It was about 2p.m. on a Wednesday when Carrie's boyfriend called and suprised her by letting her know that he wanted to take her to dinner that evening. Needless to say, she was happy, because things hadn't been going very well in their relationship lately and she felt that he didn't act interested in her for the past couple of months. She asked her boss if she could leave work early that day, and without explanation, she was allowed to. Carrie wanted to buy a new outfit for the evening, so she drove to the mall and went to her favorite store to pick out an outfit. Being that she mostly wore mini-skirts or pants with button down blouses, which was not the way an English girl with a royal bloodline Beau Marie Blacks On Blondes Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Kimmy at Cuckold Photo edges of my lips smiling back and tried hard to look sad. I did not quite manage it. She leaned forward and kissed me. Her breasts pressed against my own. My nipples sparked fire against her shirt. When she drew away, I found my mouth wishing she would kiss it again. I threw myself to my knees. "Oh, mistress!" I blathered. Hungrily I kissed her dell. I do not know now why I did it. I was possessed. How she had hurt me! And yet, where the big penis had been, now there was only the furring of her nest. I licked within it, as if searching for the missing member, wishing for it to grow out of her and impale me again. But she was only a girl. The big, horrible dong lay greasily on the floor, near her feet. I tongued her, making her laugh. "Come, darling. Such a good sport you are!" Helene said to me. She pulled me by my hair to my feet. I glanced down at the prick on the floor. It was still as hard as it had ever been. I looked away. Such an awful thing it was! I patted Helene's nest, as if to assure myself that she wore it no more. It was simply an unattached thing, lying nakedly on the floor. It couldn't harm me unless someone wore it. I felt deeper in her nest and she laughed again. I smiled. "I'm safe now," I whispered. "Oh?" Helene asked. With my fingers in her snatch, I followed her eyes. They glanced at Raul's penis, then at Johnnie's. "Yeek! I forgot about them!" I said in a silly voice. "It's alright. You are only 13," Helene said to me. She drew my fingers out of her pussy. She put my fingertips, wet with her dew, to her lips. She kissed them. "Cum, dear. You have much to learn," Helene told me. With swinging hips I walked upstairs, Helene holding my hand, Rebecca following. Johnnie and Raul came last. Their Dark Wanderer Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Rose Mandingo intimate contact they were experiencing. The bullet grazed Raul's backside and made a big, splintering hole in the headboard of the bed. "Damn!" Raul gasped. He began working himself in Johnnie's ass more forcefully. Helene put the smoking gun in her mouth. "Oooh. It's warm," she said, licking the barrel. Bent over, I frigged my slit. How awful and dangerous it was, all of us naked, and a live gun firing off into our midst. Even Helene, who should have known better, and been more careful, was inspired by it. The long barrel, it's warmth, its potential to change forever the body of anyone she hit with it. "Blam! Blam! Blam!" Helene took the gun from her mouth and began firing randomly around the room. She didn't aim it at anyone, in fact, she aimed to miss us. I shouted with fright. Yet there was something else mixed in with my fright, for I remained bent over, frigging my slit and working my hips in time to Rebecca's intrusive finger. "Oh, stop!" my aunt told Helene. Yet she herself kept her finger in me, and kept diddling her slit with her hand. "Watch where you're pointing that!" Johnnie groaned. I laughed, for it sounded like he might be referring to Raul's penis, which was, quite pointedly, sticking straight up his behind. "Oh, I want to kill someone!" Helene shouted. She put the barrel of the gun in her mouth again. "Yikes! This is hot!" she said. She couldn't lick it now. It was too hot from firing too many bullets. She ran to the window. She threw up the sash. Then, afraid she might kill one of us, or even herself, she tossed the gun out the window. It went spiralling down to the lawn but if it fired again when it hit the ground, none of us heard, for we were wrapped up in our lust and the gun had a silencer on it.