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This sweet piece of ass Kimmy met up with our boy Boz. I don't think Kimmy had ever seen anything as large as what Boz was hiding in his pants. The first few minutes of her suckin' and tuggin' on Boz's black python, Kimmy thought she would be able to handle it. But once it slid in, she loses control. I've never seen some of the faces this girl makes. It's like a cross between someone getting their foot run over by a truck and an opera singer hitting the highest note she can. Whatever you think it looks like, there is one thing you can tell forsure....Kimmy was not used to the power of the Black Cock!
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I have a black roommate who is very smooth with the women. He dates all races with no discrimination to any particular race a preference. I am an Asian who does okay with the women but nothing like the “Black Knight”. His name will remain a mystery as will mine, you never know who reads these elaborate stories. Unfortunately, I am not gifted as my roommate is; he is 15 inches if he is a foot. Smooth skin, perfect complexion, built like a shit brick house (if guys can have that same analogy), he is a Department of Transportation Supervisor for road construction sites. He exercises daily, takes his protein drink, possibly some steroids, (unbelievable muscle mass), and dick pills for some reason (maybe counteracting his muscle pills). Anyway, he recently got a new job in the upscale area of Chicago and traffic Kylie Ireland Blacks On Cougars Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Interracial Movies Brie could not be happier. She sat next to her brand new husband Billy as he drove their convertible sports car down the highway. She admired her husband's handsome face and hard athletic body for probably the millionth time. She was very much in love and she felt lucky to have snared such a handsome guy. Brie shouldn't have worried about finding a husband. She had the pick of a long list of men and Billy was very grateful to have been at the top of the list. Any man would have died to be with a woman like Brie. Her body could only be described as luscious, her face bordering between beautiful and cute. Cute was more a description of her manner. She was young, 19 years old and naïve. It would only be time before the experiences of life turned her into a sophisticated beauty. They had been on the road for about an hour. It was Saturday and they had been married shortly after noon. They attended the reception after the wedding and then hit the road. Their honeymoon plans took them from their home town in Louisiana to Florida with a stop somewhere in Mississippi. Billy couldn't wait for that night when he could introduce his virgin bride to the joys of sex. Billy, who was two years older than Brie, was not greatly experienced sexually himself but he had learn a few of the finer points from his best friend's older female cousin. Brie was not totally ignorant of sex herself although she had insisted that she and Billy wait for their wedding night to have intercourse. At Billy's constant badgering she did concede to give her husband to be oral sex although she wouldn't allow him to go down on her. Over the year before the wedding Brie had demonstrated a natural ability at oral sex and had found that she loved to perform it on Billy any chance she got. That was precisely what popped into Brie's mind as they sped along down the highway. Billy had suggested they take the back roads so that they could enjoy the countryside. Brie was now glad he suggested that for a different reason. The road wasn't very crowded so Brie figured she could have a little fun with Billy. She slowly leaned across the console putting her left hand behind Billy's neck. While she scratched his neck with her manicured bright red nails she snuggled her cheek against his. Billy turned and smiled at his beautiful new wife. Brie gave Billy a quick peck on the lips before he had to return his attention to the road. She wasn't finished with him yet. Brie began to nibble at Billy's face and neck. She hoped that she could distract her husband while her right hand began to work on his zipper. "What are you doing babe?" he asked sweetly. "You'll see," Black And White Marriage Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Kimmy at Cuckold Forum ever had.” Driver – “Are you going to talk all day or actually show me how that cock feels in a woman dripping of money.” Black Knight – “You arrogant bitch, here comes the fucking of your life that you have been waiting for. First, I am going to shut your mouth with the taste of a black cock of magnitude. He slowly stuffs the head into her mouth and she struggles to take the head into her mouth, once in, he slowly starts to push it down her throat, she struggles to keep from choking, but somehow takes an inch at a time until he realizes that she might pass-out from suffocation. He slowly pulls it out to her mouth cavity and then slowly pushes it back down her throat. She starts to fig it and moans softly, she tries to rub her cunt and pussy with her hands but she cannot reach them. The Black Knight 12 Inch Black Dick Kimmy Blacks On Blondes Interracial Sex Chat know what a real cock feels like, thank you for using a condom and I am sure I will heal in a few days. You were great, anytime you want to hold up traffic in my area and want to teach me a lesson in patience let me know, I’ll be looking for you on the roads in the future, black knight. Black Knight – “You are one tight bitch but you were worth the breaking in and when I tell you that the traffic is necessary, it is necessary. You rich bitches think that all of us blacks are just muscle heads, blue collar idiots doing whatever we’re told, but actually we always get what we want in the end. The driver looked at him in a puzzled look and noticed that there wasn’t any blood in the sheets like she thought when she felt the blood seeping out of her cunt, hmm. The hotel story to follow in the coming weeks.